How I started with“CryptoArt”

3 min readApr 10, 2020

In 2017 I came across “CryptoArt”

I did not immediately understood, that it was rather art “on” the “crypto” blockchain Ethereum or Bitcoin, than art about cryptocurrencies.

I made sketches based on photos and collages about a new beginning, as this was for me a new beginning at zero, I called it “hour zero” (Stunde Null)

A lot of references to my favorite cryptocurrencies of 2017 were added into these works, while it was very confusing and exciting to dive into all these new concepts of blockchains, wallets, security, exchanges and communities.

My hope for fundamental good changes was big and is even bigger today in 2021.

I tokenized some of these images as NFTs on at

If you would like to buy and collect cryptoart, you need to install one of the many cryptocurrency wallets on your phone and get some Ethereum. I personally like the Trust wallet.

If you would like to see Crypto Art you can do so on several platforms, f.e.


Known Origin:



and there is a blog on everything cryptoart by Jason Bailey

The biggest marketplace for all kind of rare digital goods, digital collectibles and limited rare digital cryptoart is


Check out my other Crypto Art here: